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Why Amazon EIN Number Is Required

Amazon is a popular website where all kinds of products are listed. In order to use this site for accessing the products, it is necessary to get registered. An Amazon EIN Number is assigned to each individual business company for tracking orders of all users with reference to their identity number. EIN number is for dealing with tax related issues. Amazon EIN Number ensures that the sales are made according to the laws applicable in United States and the taxes are paid as per the terms and conditions of federal departments. It doesn’t matter whether the seller is a US citizen or not, obtaining this number is required for making profits in a legal way.

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Amazon Service:

Amazon is an online service whose major aim is to provide an online platform for selling and buying products. The service is originally based in US with its headquarters set up in Seattle city of Washington state. Seattle is considered to be the technological center of the State as many large countries have headquarters over there. The organization began in 1996 under the supervision of Jeff Bezos who is the current CEO, President and Chairman. In the beginning, it served only the residents of United States. As for today, it is providing quality services to France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, India, Brazil, China, Mexico and Japan too.

It is basically an Ecommerce site that offers almost all consumer products. The products are divided into categories so that the required items can be accessed quickly. It is a retail service and specialized websites are available in particular countries. Both consumer and dealer can utilize its benefits to fulfill requirements of each other. It has certain subsidiaries too that deal with specific types of products. It is well-appreciated by worldwide users due to its reliability. Only Amazon EIN Number holders can sell products. This fact proves that the quality of offered items is most probably according to advertisement.


Amazon service has acquired multiple established companies during past decades to enhance its business. This practice helps in building the trust of customers. They know that the services of Amazon are quite high, thus their subsidiaries must also be capable of satisfying user requirements. ComiXology is a site where all types of comics are available. The availability of millions of comics ensure that majority of customers get what they are looking for. Graphical story books, novels and comics can be purchased which are offered by trusted sellers having their own Amazon EIN Number.

Shelfari and Goodreads used to be digital libraries where users could share their owned books and reviews about books they have read. User groups could be created by adding members and each of them could share their innovative ideas and remarks about books, magazines or articles they like. In this way, it gets easier to determine which content is most suitable to give a try. During the year 2016, both services were combined under the brand of Amazon which enables readers to perform reading related tasks at a single place with ease. is a specialized service concerned with means of audio entertainment and education. A large variety of audio content including TV shows, digital eBooks, educational courses, Radio programs and audio versions of books are present in its secure database. Brilliance Audio used to be a similar type of service but it used to deal with audio eBooks only. It was a prominent publisher of books and introduced revolutionary methods through which audio cassettes got able to hold double amount of data. Nowadays, it acts as an independent company but is officially owned by Amazon.

Beijing Century Joyo Courier Service is a logistics service provider through which shipping of packages is performed. It is trying its luck to obtain a valid license from US Maritime Commission that can make it capable of transporting containers of items to relevant countries. On the other hand, Amazon Maritime, Inc. already holds the license due to which the shipments of products are easily made from China to US. Due to certain reasons, many companies prefer manufacturing their products in China. These products are usually sent to US via this service and are later delivered to mentioned addresses.

Offered Services:

Amazon provides different types of services which are mostly availed with the help of Amazon EIN Number. Amazon Web Services provide access to multiple cloud storage services as per requirement. In this way you can preserve data in a safe manner and avoid losing important information. It helps managing and storing large amount of data which is usually unsafe in computer’s memory. It facilitates via networking, storage, data analysis and mobile application development tools.

Amazon Drive is yet another cloud based application where data is stored in separate accounts for every user. The user must get registered with valid credentials to avail its benefits. The account can be accessed on all supported devices to sync documents, files, images, videos, music and multimedia through simple options. Amazon Appstore is available for Android users and is usable on tablet PCs and mobile phones. It allows users to purchase or download their favorite apps and games in no time on desired portable devices. The apps can only be uploaded after verifying Amazon EIN Number.

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that provides access to various services for specific time period. Usually a single subscription is active for 2 days during which you can benefit from available services without paying any extra charges. Prime Music lets you download unlimited content by choosing from millions of options, while Prime Video gives access to thousands of video clips, music videos, movies and TV serials. Amazon Fresh is a relatively new service through which subscribers can get daily grocery items at their doorstep. It also offers huge discounts to Prime members.

Amazon Alexa is a personal assistant developed on the principles of Artificial Intelligence technology. It is used in Amazon Echo device which is mainly a speaker. It captures the voice which is in turn recognized by Amazon Alexa. If the spoken word is already fed in memory then relevant actions will be taken in response. It is commonly used in smart home security devices which operate all machinery as per commands.

Amazon had launched Kindle Fire tablet in 2011 which has improved with time. Its latest versions with advanced features are released regularly and the latest device is known as Fire HD 8. It comes equipped with an Ecommerce store app called Kindle Store. It is the digital store for eBooks containing a huge collection of famous books from different parts of the world. Another hardware device developed by the organization is Amazon Fire TV. It offers support for entertainment media and lets users enjoy gaming and music by connecting external consoles.

What is Amazon EIN Number?

Amazon EIN Number stands for Amazon Employer Identification Number. Basically, it represents a registered user who is listed on Amazon website as a seller of products. The head office of Amazon is located in United States of America. The law and order condition is quite good, due to which it is necessary for every business owner to pay taxes. These taxes depend on the income of business and are calculated by keeping in mind the federal laws of property taxes. This is the tax number which is kept in records of country to ensure that the listed business is paying taxes from the generated revenue.

Since this number is assigned in consideration of US local laws, thus a thought may arise in the minds of readers that only the residents of USA have to get this number for carrying out business via Amazon site. However, this idea is not up to the mark and should be reconsidered. Amazon is a US based organization and acts upon the laws of country. The sellers who wish to sell their product from this platform also need to comply with their laws and rules. This means that the business people connected with Amazon network should get an Amazon EIN Number before moving forward.

EIN is an identifier that helps in differentiating a company from other businesses. It consists of nine digits and is used when filling out tax forms. This number is usually assigned to businesses having multiple employees. Individuals running business on their own use their SSN number for showing their yearly income. It is necessary that each business must hold a unique identification number through which it can be ensured that they are paying all due income taxes. The income taxes are calculated on the basis of total income gained from registered businesses.

Amazon EIN Number works as the license for importing goods in United States. Though the business people can do so without the number as well, but it is preferred to get the number issued. Having issued Amazon EIN Number at the earliest stages of business is essential. It makes certain that you stay safe from unwanted problems. Legal problems can appear anytime if you are not well-versed with legal conditions. Even those who are careful about avoiding breaching of laws may make some mistakes. Under such circumstances, this number will help them out and will allow them to deal with problems with much more convenience.

The business providers residing within US usually have SSN and ITIN number. SSN is the Social Security Number, whereas ITIN is the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. The investors living outside of US obviously do not have such numbers as these are assigned only to permanent or temporary residents of the country. This fact emphasizes upon the importance of Amazon EIN Number and compels the distinct business entities to get it without delay. Partnership, Corporation and Limited Liability are three major categories for businesses and all companies associated with any of these kinds are advised to obtain Amazon EIN Number.

Who Assigns EIN?

It is still believed that Amazon is responsible for allocating the EIN Numbers which are used by business entities for doing business via Amazon. However, this information is misleading and can confuse the business owners when they try to fill tax returns. EIN is an official registration number issued by Internal Revenue Service. It is an official agency included under the hold of federal government. It deals with tax related issues and keeps record of individual citizens as well as business companies to collect due taxes. The income tax returns are paid by organizations using this value as per yearly income.

It is possible to apply for an EIN Number through multiple methods. Some of these are as follows:

Filling Form:

There is a specialized form available for tax payers running business as non-individual. This form is referred to as SS-4 and contains information about business. For filling this form, it is necessary to provide details related to the city, state and country from where goods will be sold via Amazon. Zip code and contact numbers are for identification purpose, while ITIN and SSN number should also be provided if the responsible party belong to US. Type of business should be written down along with the reason for applying. In this case, you will have to mention that Amazon EIN Number is desired for selling products.

The field in which the company is dealing should be mentioned clearly. Here it is possible to write name of subsidiary of Amazon where the business will be listed. A detailed section is available where terms and conditions are written down. These terms are for the help of business professionals and enable them to carefully fill the correct information by taking help from this part of form. This form is easily available on the official website of IRS agency and can be downloaded for free.

Once the form is fully filled, it is recommended to proofread entered data. This will help in identifying any mistakes and correcting them. If any mistake is present in the form that is concerned with wrong declaration of your assets, then you can face serious problems. Though small mistakes are usually forgiven but legal actions can be taken by authorities if you are found guilty of hiding original business revenue or providing misleading information.

Placing Phone Call:

If the intention is to get Amazon EIN Number via phone call, then it this will save up enough time. In this case, the purpose of filling up the form is to quickly provide correct information when asked about business details on call. The phone call for EIN Number is expected to take time somewhere between fifteen to forty five minutes. Since this is not a toll free number, thus it is beneficial to make sure that enough balance is present in mobile phone before making the call through any suitable service.

Sending Email:

Business owners based in other countries away from United States usually prefer sending the filled form via Email. This means that they need not to travel to United States for starting their business. Instead they can get all information from remote location. However, this method is inefficient and takes up a lot of time. The response of such Emails is usually made in almost 30 days. If form is rejected due to a mistake or any other reason, then you will come to know about it after a month. After that the whole process will have to be repeated for obtaining Amazon EIN Number.

Sending Fax:

Sending the filled form via fax is another method appropriate for Amazon product sellers. The website of IRS contains fax numbers where you can send forms. Proofread the form to eliminate all mistakes and send it to the agency for getting Amazon EIN Number at the earliest. Once the form is approved by them, they will not take more than 4 days to provide you with a valid number that can be used for paying business taxes.

Benefits of Amazon EIN Number:

Amazon EIN Number can help business owners in multiple ways. They can easily sell different products such as books, clothing, electronic items, grocery, sports goods, movies, furniture, home services, subscriptions, music libraries, stock photos and games on Amazon website or its different subsidiaries. It helps US citizens to pay out income taxes for their collective business and international sellers to follow the rules enforced by US constitution.

All businesses need a bank account where all transactions are transferred. This account cannot be opened without entering your EIN. Moreover, customers are more likely to purchase your products if you have Amazon EIN Number. People usually trust the laws of country and they know that IRS assigns EIN only after a business is found to meet the pre-requisite conditions. It ensures that you are a trustworthy name in business and will satisfy their requirements. Your tax returns will be easily submitted after checking that you already have a valid number. You don’t have to travel across the country to submit tax returns. You can utilize this information for online document submission.

If you need help getting an EIN number, please call us at 407-344-1012, or email us at

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