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Where Can I Get My ITIN Number

If the question ‘’Where Can I Get My ITIN Number” has been causing you stress then you do not need to worry anymore. ITIN is necessary for when you are filing taxes but you do not have a social security number. It is a great tool which allows people who do not have SSNs be a part of the economy and contribute productively to society. Millions of people have been issued ITINs and they have used them to pay billions in taxes. Getting an ITIN number is simple, provided that you follow all the given directions.

What is an ITIN

ITINs are nine digit numbers that are used by the IRS for tax processing. ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. There are instances when you will need to prove that you are a taxpayer for certain things. These can be related to your property, or even rare cases like claiming lottery earnings. You will face problems here if you do not have a social security number, because a social security number is the main proof a person has about how much tax they have paid. People who are residents of the US or anyone who is eligible for SSN do not need an ITIN and they do not need to ask ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’

Who Needs an ITIN

If you are wondering ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’ then you probably know that you need an ITIN. Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers are required by anyone who does not qualify for a Social Security Number. Having a social security number means that you have been authorized by the US Government to find a job and work within the United States of America. Having an ITIN does not make you eligible for any additional tax benefits and nor does it make you eligible to work within the United States of America.

ITIN is not SSN

All ITIN does is give you a way to prove that you pay your taxes; it only provides proof that you are a taxpaying member of the society, nothing about your immigration status or whether you are allowed to work locally or not. This might be confusing but only if you do not understand the point of view of the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service is made to ensure that the country claims the resources it has a right to. So if you ask ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’ remember that it does not really give you any extra rights.

Your Data is Safe

The IRS has a clause which prohibits it from sharing data with other agencies; so while you may not want to disclose your immigration status to the police or to any other federal agency, you can easily reveal it to the IRS and not face any repercussions. As long as you are contributing fairly to the revenue of the United States you will not face issues from IRS.

Other Cases Where You Will Need an ITIN

What other situations will have you asking ‘’Where can I get my ITIN number’’? Another group of people that often needs ITIN are people who are here temporarily but need to show a tax return. For example, any students or visiting teachers who are here for a short duration will not have permission from the government to work locally. If, for some reason, they are required to show a tax return they can simply get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and show it wherever needed.

They are also often needed by dependents of US residents who themselves do not have a social security number. Often foreigners who want to invest in property within the United States of America will also be required to file a tax return to invest in the property. Since these people are not residents of the country and do not have a social security number, they too need an ITIN, and end up asking ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’

Where can I get my ITIN Number

You can get your ITIN number from IRS, specifically their Austin Service Center via mail. You will have to fill the relevant forms and attach the relevant documents with the forms. Once you have completed documentation and have mailed it to the IRS, you should be able to get an ITIN number within seven weeks provided that you fulfilled all the requirements and filled the forms correctly.

Getting ITIN through mail

The simplest way to get an ITIN is to apply through mail. You can simply fill the form and collect all the documents, then send them to the following address:

Internal Revenue Service

ITIN Operation

P.O. Box 149342

Austin, TX 78714-9342


Please note that if you are not using the US postal service and are using a private delivery services (Such as Fedex or DHL) then you need to use the following address:

Internal Revenue Service

ITIN Operation

Mail Stop 6090-AUSC

3651 S. Interregional, Hwy 35

Austin, TX 78741-0000


Getting ITIN in person

The Internal Revenue Service runs many different Taxpayer Assistance Centers. You can simply complete the form and documentation and take them all to a Taxpayer Assistance Center near you. To find out a Taxpayer Assistance Center near you, you can either call the IRS office or you can visit and see where the centers are located. The taxpayer assistance centers are also a great help if you are confused about something on the form or about documentation, as the IRS agents there will be able to assist and help you with them. You can also just ask them ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’ and they will help you as much as they can.

Getting ITIN through an Acceptance Agent

Acceptance Agents are authorized by the IRS to review and check your documents. They will also be able to directly apply on your behalf and help you throughout the whole process. You can locate registered Acceptance Agents on the IRS website by going to

No matter what method of applying you use, you will need to ensure that all your documentation is perfect if you want to be successful in finding out how and ’Where can I get my ITIN number’

What You Need to Apply for ITIN

Now that you know the answer to “Where can I get my ITIN Number”, the next question to answer is how to get one. The process is very simple and easy provided you follow all the steps as mentioned.

A W7 form

The first thing you will need is a W7 form. This is the form that is used to apply for the ITIN. You can find the form on the following link:

If you do not want an online copy you can also go to your local IRS office and obtain a copy of the form.

Tax Returns

You will only need an ITIN for tax returns. Thus you need to attach the tax return documents along with the W7 form. Once the IRS assigns you an ITIN they will also process the tax return.

Original Documents

You will also need to provide the original documents that corroborate what you have written on your W7 form. For example, the date of birth and place of birth on your supporting documents must be the same as what you have written on the W7 form. The documents need to be certified originals. Previously it was possible to submit documents that had been approved by a notary, but this is no longer accepted. You need to learn the difference between notarized and certified documents if you really want to know the answer to ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’

Difference between Notary and Certified Documents

There is a major difference between documents that have been certified and documents that have been notarized. A notary is a person who is authorized and trusted to mark items as authentic and they were allowed to attest documents before 2011. Now you will need original documents that are certified.

Certified documents are copies of documents certified by the issuing authority that they are authentic. For example, if you were to submit a birth certificate from another country, the document must be certified by the authority that gives our birth certificates in that country.

Where to get Certified Copy of Documents

Much more complicated than ‘’Where can I get my ITIN number’’ is the question ‘’where can I get certified documents’’. If you want authentic documents the best place to go is your embassy in the United States of America. The embassy will be able to generate certified copies of your documents and these will be accepted by the IRS. The rules for such documents vary country by country, so contact your embassy to find out what documents they can generate and send to you.

Sending Current Documents

Another important thing is to ensure that the documents you send are current. ‘’Current’’ documents are basically documents which are still applicable. If you provide proof of living in a country a few years ago it will not be accepted, because it only proves that you were in that country in that time, and does not prove your permanent citizenship or nationality. If you send an expired document then the journey which you started by asking ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’ will not be successful.

Thus you will need to send certified documents which are current. This is not a very hard thing to do as there are many easy to obtain documents which are considered to be current by the IRS:

Civil Birth Certificates

Birth Certificates that are issues by the government are always considered current, since the information in them is not liable to change. Your name, place of birth, and all the other information on your civil birth certificate will have to be exactly the same as what you are writing on the W7 form.

Identity Cards and Passports

These are current only if their expiration date has not passed. Most identity cards will have information on them about when they expire; in case of any confusion about their expiration kindly contact your country of origin’s embassy in the United States.

Medical Records and School Records

Medical records are acceptable if the dependant being mentioned is below the age of 6 years old. For example, one can submit the immunization records from a hospital. There are strict requirements however; the name of the doctor and hospital must be in the records, as well as information about the child, including address.

School records are valid if the dependant is within 14 years of age, or 18 years of age if the dependant is a student right now. Thus if the person inquiring ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’ is young, they can submit these records.

Filling the W7 Form

Filling the W7 form is an easy task. It is the easiest part of the answer to ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’ The form is in English, if you want the form in Spanish then you can request form W7-sp, which is in the Spanish language.

Reason for submitting the form

On the first section of the W7 form you will have to choose the box which applies best to your situation. Why did you inquire ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’? There are 7 different situations given in which a W7 is required; select the ones which apply to you. If you do not see your situation listed, there is also an option for ‘’other’’. Tick the box beside it and write your reason for applying for ITIN on the line given next to it.

Section 1: Name

The first section is very simply; all you have to do is enter your name in it. Who is asking ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’? Make sure that you enter the same name as your supporting documents. This name will stay attached to the ITIN that is generated for you, so ensure that there are no mistakes. If you still have the name you had at birth, simply write it on 1a and leave 1b empty. If you have changed your name since birth, then right your current name on 1a and your current name in 1b. This exists for people who have changed their names, something married people are most likely to do.

Section 2: Mailing Address

Enter your address here. This is the address that will be used by IRS for the tax returns as well, so make sure it is your current address. The address must be within the United States of America.

Section 3: Foreign Address

You need to enter your permanent address in the country where you reside. The permanent address should be the same as the one listen on your supporting documents. If you do not have a permanent address anymore then you can enter only the country name in line 3 of this section.

Section 4 and 5: Birth Information

Simply enter your date of birth, country of birth, and gender at birth. Once again, it is very important that any information you enter here should corroborate with the supporting documents you submit. Please note that you need to enter the date of birth in the Month/Date/Year format, as this is what is used in the United States of America.

Section 6: Other Information

There are other pieces of information you will need to submit if you want to succeed and not have to ask ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’ again. This section encompasses many different pieces of information about you. The first question is about your nationality; enter the name of the country where you are a registered citizen here. If you hold multiple citizenships name them all here. Do not abbreviate the country name.

Next you will be asked for your foreign tax number. Every country that taxes its citizens will also issue a tax number to each citizen; you need to mention this here as this will help verify your information. Next you will need to enter information about your visa for entering the US. You must enter the USCIS classification as well as the number and expiration date of the US visa. Next, check the box which states what supporting documents you are submitting. The options include USCIS documentation, Passport, Driving License, or other. You will need one of these, as we mentioned above in the ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’ section.

Next you will be asked if you have ever been issued as IRSN (Internal Revenue Service Number). If you have, then enter it, if you have not then simply check the box marked no. Next you will be asked to enter the name of your university/education institute. This is required only if you choose f: Nonresident alien student in the reason for submitting the W7 form in the first part of the form.

Waiting for ITIN

This is the last step in the journey which started by you asking ‘’Where can I get my ITIN number’’. Once you have submitted all the documents you have to wait 7 weeks, as this is the time that IRS usually takes in generating an ITIN. If you made a mistake on the form or in any of the supporting documents, you will be assigned a temporary ITIN which will only be made permanent when you fix the mistake. If you do not receive any reply from the IRS for more than 7 weeks then call their local office to enquire about the status of your application.

As you can see from our guide about ’Where can I get my ITIN number’’, it is not very hard to get an ITIN generated. The more you deal with IRS the more you will realize that they are one of the most efficient government agencies around. They provide excellent help online and at physical locations, and are very quick in responding to any queries you might have. They are also very good at protecting your data and will ensure that no one else has access to it. The IRS will also help you in any way you can with your tax filings; if you get stuck somewhere simply attend a Taxpayers Assistance Center to solve your issue.

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