With more that 15 years of experience, taxes, ITIN number, and accounting are our specialties. We are certified by the federal government to represent individuals and organization in all 50 states. Here at Freedomtax Accounting we feel blessed to have a unique group of accounting and tax experts that really give their best to provide the best possible tax service in a professional and friendly manner. That is the Freedomtax family way.

Many of our ITIN number clients have also used our tax services in USA. Once you get your ITIN number, you will have tax return filing requirements with the IRS. You can count on us to help you file your personal tax return every year with your ITIN number. Our tax services are designed to be honest and accurate because or main goal is that you don’t have any problems with the IRS.

Our Tax Professionals Can Help:

  • Income Tax Service
    • Personal Tax Returns
    • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Tax Problems
    • Tax Negotiation & Settlement
    • Back Taxes
    • Tax Levies & Liens
    • Wage Garnishment
    • Reduce IRS Tax Debt
    • IRS Audit Defense
    • Payroll Tax Negotiation
  • Tax Planning
  • ITIN Number – Individual Taxpayer Identification Number


Freedomtax Accounting tax services give you tax advice the way it’s meant to be: professional, friendly, and accurate. When you come to us with your tax return, relax and let our tax accountants take care of finding your biggest refund.

For any questions regarding our ITIN number or tax services please contact us at 407-344-1012 for your Free Consultation. Hablamos Español