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Get ITIN Number From China

ITIN umber is basically a tax ID that assists in financial matters. It is issued by Internatonal Revenue Service to different people for identification of their tax returns. Although Social Security Number is generally used by US citizens to file tax returns. However, it is not issued to temporary residents. Therefore ITIN is issued for facilitating them. It can be acquired by those who want to move to the United States for business purpose. They can easily get ITIN number from China without travelling.

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What is ITIN Number?

ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Idenification Number. Itconsists of nine digits with specfic ranges and always begins with 9. If a taxpayer already has ITIN but it is suspended due to any reason, then temporray ITIN is assigned for that duration. International Revenue Service (or IRS) is responsible for assignin ITIN to people who do not hold the right of claiming SSN. However, US laws compel them to submit tax returns with a valid ID. They can get ITIN number from China.

Either the person is a resident of US or is temporarily living there, the tax ID must be claimed if they are obliged to pay federal taxes. ITIN was initially launched in 1966. It is a secure identity that is not leaked by IRS to any other department for security sake. Having this number does not allow a person to earn income in the US, rather it is used by those people who claimed ITIN on the basis of their income status.

There is no need t panic I ITIN number is lost. The IRS hotline can be immediately contacted to retrieve your ID. A series of personal questons will be asked to veriy your identity and then the required information will be provided. If ITIN has not been in use for more than 5 years, it is deactivated and is assigned to another indivdual. Unde such circumstances, ITIN must be requested again and you can get ITIN number from China.

Purpose of ITIN:

ITIN assists in tax matters and enable people to act according to the US laws. Even those pople who do not have SSN can ask for ITIN so that they cankeep their business and jobs clear from tax issues. It is better to wait if W-7 form for SSN is submitted already. But I SSA notifies that you are ineligible for SSN, then ITIN fom can be illed up. It should be requested during the early stages of moving to the United State from a foreign country.

ITIN is diferent from SSN in that it does not make the person eligible to claim social security benefits. Instead it only heps when filling federal tax returns or claiming deductions. It is possible to get ITIN number from China. Following categories of people have the right to apply for ITIN:

  • US non-residents responsible to pay the US tax returns
  • US temporary residents required to file tax returns
  • Spouse or dependent of a US resident alien or permanent citizen
  • Spouse or dependent of a US non-resident visa holder
  • US non-residents claiming tax treaty benefits
  • Orign students, professors and researchers staying in US for study purpose and claiming exception from tax returns

If you are not present in the US currently but about to relocate, it is recommended to submit a request before moving to get ITIN number from China. There is no need to be physically present as you can get ITIN number from China conveniently.

Bank Account:

Business people and job occupants require bank accounts to keep their income safe. Moreover, business clients and employers can easily transfer funds to bank accounts. But trusted banks require some identification to ensure that the income is received from legal ways. SSN can be used at these stages to prove authenticity and get a bank account for convenient transactions. However, those who are ineligible for SSN can use ITIN for this purpose.

Driving License:

Driving License is required if you own a vehicle or drive one for commercial purpose. Without SSN or ITIN, it is impossible to apply for a driving license. These identification numbers prove the validity of a person and enable them to get the driving license with ease. A person can feasibly get ITIN number from China.

Proof of Residence:

While applying for various types of documents in the United States, it is necessary to provide a proof of residence. Moreover, security agencies may also ask for the duration of stay in the US. These purposes can only be fulfilled after you have a valid ITIN number that depicts the date from which you have been staying in the country.

Applying for ITIN from Foreign Countries:

ITIN number is assigned by the US authorities to various categories of people. All those people who cannot get an SSN due to any valid reason can apply for ITIN. It is usually assigned to people who are currently settled in America, but this is not a necessary term. It is possible to submit application even when you are not present in US and get ITIN number from China through proper formalities.

In the modern world of technology, some business people prefer to run online businesses. These businesses are originally based in a single country, but provide services to multiple countries of the world. All those businesses that are not based in the US but sell their products and services must comply with the laws by paying taxes. These tax returns can be submitted with the help of an ITIN number.

Similarly, some people get a job in any country of the United States but provide remote services from their home in foreign country. The salary offered by the companies to these employees is also liable to tax return. Thus such people are also compelled to get an ITIN number and pay US taxes on the income generated from the resources established in the United States. They can get ITIN number from China.

Application Process:

Appling for ITIN is a considerable long process irrespective of the fact whether you are a US citizen or not. But applications received from other foreign countries usually take longer time for processing. Form W-7 is used for this purpose and must be filled up by entities who want to get ITIN for any reason. This form is easily accessible via internet and there is no need to travel to get ITIN number from China.

There are many consultancy firms present in every country that provide assistance in legal matters. The experienced professionals have detailed knowledge of their domain and facilitate their clients in return of certain charges. Some of them also deal with immigration matters and are well-versed in the US local laws. They can guide you well on how to get ITIN number from China and other countries.

Although it is not necessary to consult a legal firm for assistance in how to get ITIN number from China, but it is preferred by majority of people. Applying or US tax ID is a complicated process and needs to be completed with precision. As a consequence of any mistakes in the form or incomplete information, the application can be rejected. Therefore the services of professional legal practitioners are acquired to ensure that the application is free from wrong information and is according to the requirements.

Required Documents:

When you want to get ITIN number from China or another country, there are certain pre-requisites. The W-7 form needs to be accompanied by various documents that provide the authenticity of provided information. Following requirements must be fulfilled in order to successfully qualify for ITIN number from foreign countries:

  • Supported documents must be provided that depict the connection of the entity with the foreign country in which they are based to get ITIN number from China. If the entity is dependent on a US citizen then the information must be provided to prove their US citizenship. However, if the applicant is based in Mexico or Canada or they are dependent on US military personnel who are posted outside of US, then there is no need to submit proofs of citizenship.
  • The documents submitted should be original as issued by the responsible authorities and must attested from authorized entities. The copy of original document should also be attached with a valid seal from issuing authoring to verify that the document is correct. This certified copy of documents may be taken by visiting the office of issuing authorities or by contacting consulate and embassy if you are settled in a foreign country. The information on these accompanied documents must not vary from the W-7 form.
  • The provided documents must not be expired and should have active status. Documents in foreign language must be translated in English and certified for correct information. At least one of these documents should contain your current photograph. But dependents below 14 years of age and students below 18 years get exception in this regard.

Following thirteen documents are acceptable to verify that the W-7 ITIN form contains authentic information:

  1. National Identity Card
  2. US Driving License
  3. US Military Identity Card
  4. Civil Birth Certificate
  5. Foreign Military Identity Card
  6. Driving License of the country of origin
  7. US State Identification card
  8. US Visa
  9. Foreign voter’s registration card
  10. Photo identification of USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)
  11. Medical reports of only the dependents under 6 years of age
  12. Academic record of only the dependents under 14 years of age and under 18 if they are students
  13. Valid Passport – As a standalone document proving both foreign state and identity

Each of the above mentioned documents must be valid with expiration date visible clearly. However, I certain documents do not have an expiry date, then their issuing date must not be more than 12 months earlier. Along with your name and photograph, the foreign status must also be present as claimed in ITIN form to get ITIN number from China.

The passports of all dependents must contain the entry date so that it can be used as a standalone document. But dependents belonging to Mexico or Canada or military employees serving in a foreign country are not required to have the date of entry. Along with passport, a combination of at least two more documents should be provided to ensure that the requirements of document submission are fulfilled.

If the entry date is not present on the passport of dependents then the following documents can be added as its replacement:

  1. US Medical records (dependents under 6 years age)
  2. US School records (dependents under 18 years age)
  3. US School records (dependents with 18 years of age or more)
  4. Utility Bill listing with the name and US address of the applicant
  5. Rental Statement listing with name and US address of the applicant
  6. Bank Statement with the name and US address of the applicant

The documents submitted to IRS for verification purpose are returned to the mailing address mentioned in the W-7 form. The department sends the documents itself in less than 2 months. There is no need to provide an additional return envelope as the envelope that originally contained the documents will be used and you can get ITIN number from China.

If the time limit of 60 days for document return is exceeded, then you can contact IRS office on their available contact numbers to enquire about the return of your submitted documents. If documents are required for another purpose before the duration of 2 months is completed, you can ask them for assistance as well to get ITIN number from China.

Ways to Submit ITIN Application:

After the W-7 form is filled up and all the required documents are arranged, the next task is to submit these to IRS. You can use following ways to submit the filled W-7 form:

Authorized Acceptable Agents:

Authorized Acceptable Agents can help you get ITIN number from China if you are located in China or another foreign country. Public Accounting firms have high qualified legal advisors. They have knowledge about the procedure of submitting the W-7 application. Moreover, they can guide you about the documents required and can help you with arranging for them.

Send Email:

Email is considered to be the most convenient method in today’s fast world. IRS office can be contacted via Email to submit the filled W-7 form and all accompanied documents. It saves people from the effort of travelling and lets them perform the task in a short time. However, it is necessary to ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled before finalizing the request. Approval of application via Email takes longer time and no one wants to see their application rejected due to a minor mistake.

Visiting IRS Office:

Internal Revenue Service is a federal institution of the United States that is responsible for issuing ITIN. Those people who are settled in US can directly visit their offices to submit the application with required forms. Those people who have business in US but are located in a foreign country can also submit the application on their visit to US. However, if they do not intend to travel to US in future, then they should make use of any of the above methods.

IRS offices are also located in multiple countries including China. Therefore, people who have some registered business in the US can facilitate from these offices and visit them directly to submit their application.

Eligibility Criteria:

Although it is not a difficult task to get ITIN number from China, but there are certain parameters on which the eligibility of candidate is checked. Since they are non-residents of US, thus they do not have an SSN, but foreigners must fulfill other requirements for request approval. Either the [person should be living as a non-resident alien in US or should have a property or business in US which generates income.

Moreover, the business should be accountable for tax returns. This ITIN number will be used to fill tax returns. A person can get ITIN number from China only if they are registered in the US. If they do not have a record of any sort in the US, it is impossible to have ITIN issued. Thus you need to get your business or job status approved before submitting an ITIN application.

ITIN is considered a necessity for those who have business or an income source in the United States but are not eligible for SSN. They must apply for ITIN that is used to complete tax returns. Apart from income tax returns, it also helps in opening bank account, getting driver license and more. The process to get ITIN number from China is much simplified these days. A person can make use of the above mentioned information to easily get the required number from their homes.

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