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How to Obtain an ITIN number

How to Obtain an ITIN Number

While living in the U.S offers numerous perks, it also brings certain responsibilities to both the U.S nationals and others. One such responsibility is to pay the taxes to the U.S government. For this purpose, all people living in the U.S have to file tax returns for which they either need a Social Security Number […]

What Is An ITIN Number

What Is An ITIN Number

People belonging to treaty countries usually try to establish their business in the United States. Because of the fact that US is one of the most established States in the world and is known for lucrative business opportunities, most of the aspiring business people desire to be there either as employer or as an employee. […]

How to Get a Tax ID Number

How to Get a Tax ID Number

If you own a business and have employees, have work authorizations or have the need to file federal excise duty, then it would be apt to wonder how to get a tax ID number. Tax ID number is issued in order to get proper verification of the individual who is filing any such tax returns. […]

How to Get EIN Number Without an ITIN Number

How to Get an EIN Number Without an ITIN Number

Many US citizens and non-citizens obtain their ITIN numbers but leave them unused for many years. In 2014, the Internal Revenue Service announced that if a person, who has obtained ITIN number but didn’t use it for five years, will not be able to use it anymore. The unused ITINs will expire if left unused […]

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Where Can I Get My ITIN Number

If the question ‘’Where Can I Get My ITIN Number” has been causing you stress then you do not need to worry anymore. ITIN is necessary for when you are filing taxes but you do not have a social security number. It is a great tool which allows people who do not have SSNs be […]

how to open llc without itin number

How to Open an LLC Without ITIN Number

Aspiring foreign residents of treaty countries always wish to form a business in the United States. Indeed, the United States is one of those states which has most of the benefits for business owners. But it is not very simple to form an organization in the United States. Not always, but in many cases they […]

how to apply for itin number for H4

How to Apply For ITIN Number for H4

The question ‘how to apply for ITIN number for H4’ would have appeared in the mind of almost every individual aspiring to start a business in a state that is lucrative in terms of economy and financial market. In order to understand how to apply for ITIN number for H4, the understanding of ITIN number […]

How to Check Credit Score with ITIN Number

How to Check Credit Score with ITIN Number

When individuals become principal investors in the US to either start a business or get a job, they wish to take their families there too, as long as they stay there. But moving to the United States or to any other country is not easy and takes time. Families that wish to live with their […]

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ITIN Number Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Social Security number and Individual taxpayer Identification Number are used for submitting tax files and complete other financial processes in the US. There are many common misconceptions about the two. Here are common questions about ITIN and their answers. 1.    What is ITIN? Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or ITIN is the number issued by the […]

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Questions Regarding ITIN Number

ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and it enables resident and non-resident aliens to pay taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. The ITIN number is only available to people that do not have a Social Security Number, which is issued by the Social Security Administration. If you qualify for one, you should apply to […]

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