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Answering Questions on Getting an ITIN Number

Often, people who want to get an ITIN number are confused about the completing, filing, and submitting process. The reason for their confusion is the looming questions they have about the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. The only thing they might be aware of is the purpose of applying to get an ITIN number, which is […]

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Should Foreign Students Get an ITIN Number?

International students coming to study in the United States might need to get an ITIN number. Keep in mind that it only under special circumstances an international student would be required to file for taxes. To find out if you are eligible to get an ITIN number, see here: You came to study in the […]

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ITIN Tax Number or SSN: Which is Better?

The ITIN Tax Number and the Social Security Number are important identification numbers issued by the government of the US to individuals residing in the country. Both these numbers are important, as they occupy a significant position in the legal structure of the country. There are certain similarities between the ITIN Tax Number and the […]

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