How to Get ITIN Number for H4

How to Get ITIN Number for H4

Every individual desires to either get an employment or start a business in a state with stable economy. Similarly, there are many professionals who want to start their business in the United States. One of the requirements for people who want to start a business or get employed in the US is to obtain an E2 visa. This visa makes them eligible to reside in the country and develop the entire business.

The ones who want to start their business may or may not have dependents. The dependents are usually the family members of the professional. The ones who have dependents outside the United States wish to call their families in the same state and often ask how to get ITIN number for H4 visa. Being dependents, they must obtain a dependent visa to call their family members to the country. Such visas are known as H4 visas. If you want to know more about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, read on.

Overview to H4 Visa

Before we go into the details of how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, we need to first understand what an H4 visa is. Basically, an H4 visa is for dependents, which is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It is granted to the immediate family members such as children and spouse of the principal investor, i.e. H1 visa holders. Those who are concerned how to get ITIN number for H4 visa for their children should know that only the children under 21 are granted H4 visa. As soon as the children are over 21 years of age, they need to apply for a separate visa.

The family members and children who want to stay with the investor during their entire period of stay, they can get H4 visa. Mostly, all principal investors have an H – 1B visa which ultimately makes the dependents eligible for H4 visa. However, the children and spouse are not allowed to work but they are liable to pay taxes, for which they require an ITIN number. For this reason, most of the people are concerned about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa.

As all other things have a set of requirements, H4 visa also have some requirements. So those who are wondering how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, you have to submit the application first. You would require submitting a proper and correct application form as an incorrect form will be considered invalid. Consequently, if you are really worried about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, you need to consult your local lawyer who can help you in understanding legalities and submitting the application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In order to know more about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa and its requirements, carefully read on.

All That You Need to Know About the ITIN Number

The dependents who desire to live with the principal investor have to pay taxes for residing in the United States. It is just like one has to pay taxes when they live somewhere. So if you are wondering how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, first you need to know about what is ITIN number.

·      What is an ITIN Number?

ITIN is the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Basically, it is a tax processing number that is granted to the family members and children of the principal investor by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition, it comprises of nine digits which begins with a number 9 along with a range of 70 to 88 till the fourth and fifth digit. The range was extended when the IRS affirmed an amendment on April 12, 2011.

People living and working in the United States are given Social Security Number (SSN) by the Social Security Administrator (SSA). The SSNs are provided to people who are working while ITIN numbers are provided for the residents’ tax payments. For this reason, the ITIN numbers do not serve the same purpose as the SSNs. They are issued regardless of the immigration status. But these numbers are only issued to the ones who meet the requirements and eligibility criteria of the ITIN number. If you are still concerned about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, read through the further sections.

·      Significance of ITIN Numbers

In order to learn about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, you may first understand the significance of the ITIN number. As mentioned previously, the ITIN number cannot give benefits similar to SSN numbers or earned income, but it has some of its own benefits. Let’s find out what are they and how an ITIN number is helpful to us.

  1. Generally, ITIN number is a person’s identification number which helps in filing federal taxes.
  2. ITIN numbers allow an individual to file tax returns and claim dependents in the United States.
  3. With an ITIN number, you can open a bank account.
  4. Individuals with an ITIN number can apply for a mortgage loan.
  5. It permits you to get a refund or return after filing of taxes, withdrawn by the Internal Revenue Service.

·      Who Uses the ITIN Number?

Before we go into the details of how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, you should know who uses the ITIN number and who qualify for it. The Internal Revenue Service provides the ITIN numbers to individuals and foreign locals who have a reporting and tax filing requirement. In addition, it is issued to the ones who do not meet the criteria for the Social Security Number. Being a dependent and nonresident individual they may not qualify for the Social Security Number but they are required to file for the United States tax return to claim the tax provisions of the tax treaty.

The people who qualify for the ITIN number are listed below.

  1. A spouse or child of a non resident alien holding a visa
  2. A child or spouse of a US citizen alien or a principal investor
  3. A US citizen alien who is required to file US tax returns depending upon the number of das present in the United States
  4. A non resident alien who has to file US tax return

Are You Wondering How to Get ITIN Number for H4 Visa? Here is the Entire Process!

In order to learn the all about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, you need to read this section very carefully. Previously, the process to get the ITIN number for H4 visa was different, but since the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced revisions and changes in the ITIN process back on January 1, 2013, individuals, who want to know how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, must follow the updated application procedure.

The changes made in the application procedure are termed as ‘Revisions in the Application Standard for ITIN’ by the IRS. Read on to the following points to know how to get ITIN number for H4 visa.

  1. Firstly, applicants have to apply for ITIN number for H4 visa by filling out the current W – 7 form.
  2. Individuals will require attaching a federal income tax return using Form W – 7.
  3. They must qualify under the exception to the federal tax filing requirements.

Consequently, any applicant or individual who meets the exception to the requirements and criteria of filing the federal tax returns also have to provide the required documentations.

·      Requirements of Documents

In order to apply for H4 visa, there are a certain requirements that you must fulfill. Those requirements are in the form of documents. The documents given by the applicants will serve as evidence and proof for the identity and foreign status of an individual. So if you are wondering how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, you should first consider seeing the list of the documents.

After the revised law for ITIN numbers by the IRS, the US authority has also updated the list of required documents. Usually, there are 13 documents that are required by the Internal Revenue Service. Also, these documents must be recent and updated including the expiration date. However, if the validity is not mentioned, the IRS may accept the documents within 12 months or a year of the application. Each document must include a photograph and a legal name of the applicant.

The following are the documents that are acceptable. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. You need to submit your national identification card including full legal name, current address, colored and recent photo, current city and state, date of birth, and expiration or validity date.
  2. You need to show the United States’ driving license.
  3. You need to show the stand alone document i.e. the Passport.
  4. Applicants have to submit their civil birth certificate for dependents less than 18 years of age.
  5. You have to show your United States military identification card number.
  6. You have to submit foreign voter’s registration card number
  7. You also have to show your foreign military identification card number
  8. Individuals also have to submit their visa
  9. They are required to submit their medical records; they are basically required for dependents under 16 years of age, required for children.
  10. Applicants have to submit school records; they are basically required for 14 to 18 years of age children or 18 years of age in case of a student.
  11. They have to show the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) identification photo.

·      Required of Publications and Forms

Along with the documents mentioned above, applicants also have to submit some forms and publications. After the amendment of the application process, the Internal Revenue Service has made amendments in the forms and publications as well. You need to submit the following forms if you are concerned about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa.

  1. You need to submit Form W – 7
  2. You have to fill Form W – 7 (Certificate of Accuracy for IRS Individual Tax Payer Identification Number)
  3. You have to submit Form 13551
  4. You have to show Publication 1915
  5. You have to show Publication 4393

·      Here is Why the IRS Revised the ITIN Application Process

Most of the people who were worried about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, often ask the reason about the amendments in the ITIN application process. The main reason mentioned by the IRS to revise the ITIN application procedure was to ensure about the ITINs tax purposes. The US authority wanted to make sure if the ITINs are used for the intended tax administration purposes. Revisions are done for the safety and security of the applicants as well as the country.

·      Here is Why the IRS Changed from the ITIN Card to the Authorization Letter

Social Security Number and ITINs serve two different purposes. So the ones who are asking how to get ITIN number for H4 visa should remember that the IRS has revised the ITIN card number to the authorization letter. This is merely done to avoid the potential similarities with a Social Security Number (SSN) card. But if someone has the ITIN number, their current ITIN card number cannot be replaced and they are permitted to use the same identification number for the tax purposes until it expires.

Here are the Changes Made in the ITIN Application Procedure

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the modifications and revised the application procedures to strengthen the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) program requirements. These new alterations are done to secure the documentation standards and integrity of the ITIN application process. Timely modifications are very essential for the tax administration process and taxes collection from resident aliens. You may have understood the how to get ITIN number for H4 visa with the help of the revised application process, but you must also know the other changes that were made in the application process.

·      Individual Applicants

The individuals who are trying to apply directly to the IRS to obtain ITIN number and ask how to get ITIN number for H4 visa should not forget to submit the original documents or copies of the issuing agency. Also, the IRS will only accept these copies or original documents if they find the Form W-7 and federal tax returns attached. The revised documents that need to be submitted by an individual investor or applicant are listed below.

  1. National ID cards
  2. Visas
  3. Passports issued by the US Department of State
  4. Civil birth certificates
  5. Foreign military identification card number
  6. US state or foreign driver’s license
  7. Medical records
  8. School records
  9. US state identification card number
  10. US Citizenship Immigration Services photograph identification
  11. Foreign voter’s registration


·      Documents Standard for Dependent Children

If you are wondering how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, you must first understand about the updated and revised law for children’s documents. In order to ensure about the integrity of the child tax credits, the dependent ITIN application submitted to the IRS should have original documents by the issuing agency. However, children under 6 years of age have to include original medical records and school going children should include original documents and current documents.

·      ITINs Have an Expiration Date

Keeping in mind about how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, you must also remember that the ITIN numbers have an expiry date. After the revised law, the new ITINs will be issued for at least 5 years instead of indefinite time period. This will help in ensuring about the legitimate tax purposes. If an ITIN number has been expired, the individuals can apply for its renewal and they should do it before the expiration period. This act will safeguard the entire ITIN program and help in ensuring about the legitimate tax purposes with the help of numbers.

·      Additional Options for the Applicants

The IRS noticed that it was difficult for individuals to be without documents like passports, photo, etc., for extended time periods. For this reason, the IRS determined that the other outlets will be made available for the original documentation. Due to this, now there are more options and flexibility for the people who want to apply for the ITIN number. These documents grant alternatives to original documents and mailing passports to the IRS.

Moreover, The Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) program also has been modified. Now the CAA will be reviewed with the original identification documents from the spouses, applicants, and dependents. In this way, the CAA will be able to certify and forward the evidence to the IRS that they have verified the reliability of the document.


Privileges of an ITIN Tax Number

Apart from the process of how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, you should also know its benefits. ITIN tax number is one of the most important things you need to reside in the United States. It is as important as it is essential to have a passport. Since all nonresidents are ineligible to have a SSN number, as a result, they are given ITIN number. Having an ITIN number can be very beneficial for people. Check out the benefits below.

  1. An ITIN number facilitates the accomplishment of several legal requirements.
  2. It brings people from other countries under the American tax net.
  3. It offers ease in tax filing and reporting.
  4. If facilitates general public as well as legal authorities.
  5. ITIN permits people to pay taxes and have tax returns.
  6. ITIN tax number allows you to open a bank account.
  7. It also helps in claiming child tax credit.
  8. It facilitates in obtaining a credit history.

Now that you know how to get ITIN number for H4 visa, we hope you can easily apply and go through the application process for obtaining H4 visa. Also, do not forget to take guidance from your local lawyer. Good Luck!

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